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head carrier (album artwork)

Pixies Main Cover

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Pixies CD interior

My main roles in this position were to provide my fluent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and my own creative inputs in the production of the artwork for the newest album release by the Pixies, Head Carrier. Although the brief was incredibly loose, there were the strict criteria of it working as both a branding piece as well as marketing, due to it being a piece of packaging.

Pixies CD flat

“With their last album I started collaborating with Ian Pollock who was able to bring characters in the songs to terrible life. Charles (Pixies’ creative lead otherwise known as Black Francis/Frank Black) gave me a bag full of lyrics and briefed Ian and myself with plenty of space to interpret. Charles likes the fact that his work goes through my filter and also Ian’s. Ian spewed out his art. I commented, guided and myself and Josh collaged the package together. Joshua added some wooden lettering he’d designed."
- Vaughan Oliver

Pixies vinyl exterior

There was no room for error with this project and I was in charge of ensuring all the files were print ready to a press standard, this includes the use of templates, setting type properly and preventing other potential problems, such as ink spill. I would also create a method of printing alongside the printers that would allow us to produce a 12-page concertina document that displayed lyrics (printed in Pantone gold) with their accompanying illustrations on the reverse.

Pixies deluxe edition

The ability to create dialogue with everyone who was included in this project, such as the illustrator, Ian Pollock, the printers and the band members/managers helped ensure everything was created to the satisfaction of everyone.

Pixies 3D type

I was also involved with the creation of extra elements to be included, such as laser cutting and photographing wooden lettering that would be included on the front cover of the deluxe edition release, as well as inside the CD/vinyl sleeves.

Pixies lyric booklet

Art Direction and Design:



Pixies Um Chagga Lagga single

I had suggested the use of Arete Mono after noticing is used by Matt Willey in previous releases of Zembla magazine. I enjoyed this font and it's use due to the form of it and the complicated relationship that we could create between it and the more visceral and raw illustrations / photography we were using. This typeface was also used (alongside the original X of the logo) in the aforementioned 3D lettering.