penguin student brief 2017

Penguin Book Jacket

The book, In Cold Blood, always invoked a sense of distortion and dread, which would later be the brief I would create for myself. I went in to this project with the absolute avoidance of wanting to create any sense of vector illustration using digital programs.

Penguin Book Jacket Detail 01

However, I did start by attempting to create distortion using Illustrator, a process that caused just too much perfection and showed little to no sense of what I had set out to create. I then cut each letter of the title by hand, using a dulled scalpel to create rough edges and imperfections, photographed them and saw how this process could create visual pleasure if used with dainty serif type.

Penguin Book Jacket Detail 02

I didn’t notice enough of a distortion with this, so I then scanned each of the different photographs whilst moving them on the scanner plate when the light bar passed. This created the bleeding of colours, the warped type and the dulled, grainy black was aiming to achieve. The final back cover was also created by leaving the lid of the scanner open (to cause black edges) and scanning a sheet of plain white paper.