istd student brief 2017

I had chosen to undertake the challenge of discussing hooliganism as a “fad”. I did so by starting individual case studies of each team within the BPL and the firms that associate themselves with the teams.

Hooliganism - Bournemouth

On each of the left spreads I went through a process of removing as much text as I could, whilst retaining some legibility of the information. I did this to achieve the effect of privacy and preserving information, as the information itself was somewhat difficult for me to find online. I thought to myself that this might be for good reason.

Hooliganism - Hull

To allow myself to remove this information I had to use a monospace typeface as this would mean I could remove both horizontal and vertical chunks without chopping in to the letterforms themselves.

Hooliganism - Crystal Palace

I had also chosen to make each firm a "logo" for themselves, each shown at the top of the leftmost pages. I noticed there was some branding for some of the firms, which I found quite interesting, but there was nothing to unify them in the same league or to represent themselves and their ethos.

Hooliganism - Arsenal

The elements used on the right page are as follows: team name, a headline for each firm, photographs and perhaps most interestingly handwritten chants relevant to the team shown. I wanted to show a sense of "amateurism" to taking part in a firm, therefore I chose to hand write each chant as if a new recruit was going to be reading from a script when a group of others will have known it from memory.

Hooliganism - Liverpool

I chose to include "justice for the 96" in the example above as it was an example of conflict in emotions due to the disaster itself (see here) and how people would respond. In some situations it was intense sympathy and union; whereas other, more passionate fans, would simply dismiss the situation and relish the fact an opposing teams fans had died.

Hooliganism - West Brom

This piece has been exhibited at two University of greenwich exhibitions, one documenting book design and another highlighting high-achieving alumni. It has also been used for a promotional video for the university courses and was used at their D&AD presentation in 2017. I guess they liked it.