anxiety headphones

My proposed product, anxH Anxiety Headphones, was a result of a university brief that was loosely based around solving a social issue through the creation of a physical object or service. I had chosen to address the issue of social anxiety as this was something that I had noticed under representation towards in regards to physical solutions, in favour of more mental approaches; being CBT, medication and counselling.

Anxiety Headphones - Bottom

The product works in enabling the user to rotate the cups of the headphones which would in turn change them from open back design (allows sound to pass through) to closed back. This would cause all background noise to mute, potentially placing the user in a more comfortable situation where they could close themselves off from the world.

Anxiety Headphones - With type

I proposed the idea of the parts being replaceable to expand the demographic for the product; allowing children and adults alike to create both a piece of personalised fashion and mental aid. Due to my somewhat limited understanding of 3D programs I found it increasingly difficult to include the functionality of this feature. I had instead favoured for a single screw through the centre of the unit; which isn't functionally viable but as this was just a prototype I thought it would be better to focus more on the social applications.

Anxiety Headphones - Zoom

The visuals itself were one of my first attempts at using a 3D program (Maya) and included the use of modelling, animating and rendering. I found this to be an incredibly exciting opportunity for me to learn the program, as it was also for a project I was passionate about. I would then later use Adobe After Effects to add and animate type to accompany the product, a program I'm much more familiar with.