poster designs

2nd Year Exhibitions - Colour Posters

There were a total of six courses exhibiting and I chose to address the diversity in courses through the use of a specific colour scheme per course. This colour scheme was also used throughout the space of the exhibition, helping the audience to understand where the correlating work is. The shape used for the poster is a counter form of a number two due to it's ability to be instantly recognisable and the simplicity that could be achieved as an overlay on the following images...

2nd Year Exhibitions - Student Posters

I wanted to actually show some students work as advertisement for the exhibition, so I went about collecting some of the more visually interesting pieces of work, turning them monochrome and putting a red counterform of the two on top of them. I also credited each student on each poster, as I feel that universities as a whole choose to discredit students and focus more on the big picture, taking credit for themselves.